Passage House

Where: East Dulwich, London
When: 2017
Status: Completed

The works to this Victorian Terrace in London are now complete. The proposals featured a new timber-clad rear extension, along with a new heavily glazed side infill extension. The glazed elements bring much needed light into the additional living spaces, with the kitchen area transformed into a multi-functional space which also houses the dining room and an informal sitting area. The existing cellar has been enlarged to provide additional storage space.A green roof atop the flat roof of the back addition blends the extenson into the garden from above. A further unusual and interesting element of the terraced is a side passage which runs under the house connecting the rear spaces to the street in front. This has been celebrated with a new feature staircase that brings you down from the front living spaces to the the new bright and open rear area.
0019_completed photo01 thumb.jpg